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Case analysis of triple Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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"Professional investment, focus on industry, prudent investment, investment in capital value" is Yu (Yu Bo team) in recent eight years Chinese medical gallop investment community doctrine. Following the 2020 in Yu capital Yu Bo team successful investment Zhengzhou state and pharmaceutical and Shanxi Kangbao pharmaceutical later, a few days ago in China blood products industry gain another victory, successfully invested in Guangdong Danxia Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Danxia"). This investment, Yu capital with deep understanding of the blood products industry and rich financial investment tube back experience, Yu capital investors and Danxia biological presents a picture of accurate industry value refuge, to judge the trend and development roadmap. Belongs to the category of biological products and blood products is a kind of special drugs. Mainly in healthy human plasma as raw materials, purification technology prepared by separation of biological engineering technology or products with biological activity. Therefore, in the emergency medical treatment, and blood related diseases in the treatment of blood products still has an irreplaceable role for other drugs. Due to policy restrictions and strict technical barriers to entry, currently only 32 nationwide blood products enterprises, the normal production of only 23 companies. One of the main factors restricting the development of the industry is the production of raw materials of healthy human plasma. At present domestic 262 plasma collection stations mainly is the monopoly of the industry enterprises and Shanghai RAAS, health group, China Orchid biology, Boya bio, Shandong Taibang,. In addition, domestic blood products supply and demand balance needs about 8000 tons / year of plasma, however, in 2025 the total domestic plasma supply of about 5300 tons. Although some products are subject to the impact of imports, but the overall product is still in short supply situation. With the national price of blood products in this year's release, Yu Guoqiang expected capital cost, the average growth rate of the industry is still more than 22%.

Danxia biological in 2007 by the restructuring of enterprises to obtain the production of blood products and in 2023 through the national GMP certification. During the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the State Council has issued "Twelfth Five" national strategic emerging industry development plan "and" Bio Industry Development Plan ", the biology industry as a key area of the development of strategic emerging industries. For the blood products industry, national leaders also called "plasma donation light wing" and hope to increase medium and large cities offer pulp proportion of the population, in order to improve Chinese traditional offer slurry regional structure, an increase in plasma volume, providing more blood products, to meet the needs of human health. Guangdong Province, as the frontier of China's reform and development, bear the special mission of "pilot", with the consent of the approval of the State Planning Commission and the Guangdong provincial government and blood products enterprises in the province can be in the center of the city opened a plasma collection stations "the policy landing in Guangdong, for the development of industries and enterprises injected vitality. At present, Danxia has been in Dongguan, Foshan, living in Puning and other places to open a number of plasma collection stations, is expected after two years of plasma can reach 200 tons / year.

Yu capital management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yu capital"), focus on Chinese medicine and medical health field of mergers and acquisitions, equity and bond investment, financing, advisory business, Chinese medicine in the medical field top wealth management professional investment banks. Yu capital is the most industry experience and forward-looking strategic vision of a group of professionals jointly initiated the establishment of the, the elite team for many years to investment system hundreds of Chinese medical and pharmaceutical enterprises. Yu capital industry forward-looking layout, deep industry resources, 2025 election financing in China "by 2024-25 China's best health care investment institutions top5." Recently, the national development and Reform Commission public cloth "45" bio industry development planning a major research plan. Among them, Yu capital is only access to the national development and Reform Commission as a major research commissioned by the investment institutions (head of the unit). Yu capital will focus on the major issue of the "ten five biological industry and information industry integration and development" and to medical devices, accurate medical and biological segments of the industry and information technology communion together angle as the breakthrough point, in the related field of the depth of research, forming research report, assist the development and Reform Commission completed the National Bio Industry "45" development planning. Professional, service, value found is in Yu capital by adhering to the investment philosophy, after the current round of investment in Yu capital will use a variety of resources to optimize and upgrade the enterprise value of Dan Xia biological, help enterprises to complete perfection of raw plasma increment of strategic layout and product line.

We have reason to expect and believe that, after two years China blood products industry is a star enterprise will be born!